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Water treatment in all forms.

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Would you like to find out more about water treatment? We have compiled a summary of the important facts for each subject area.

Filter systems

Water filters for the best water.

It’s better to keep out what doesn’t belong in your drinking water. With our optimally matched range of high-quality water filters, you are on the safe side.

Information about our water filters

Fine filtration and vitalization.

This is how you can taste your drinking water!

Enjoy sip by sip naturally: Turn your tap into a first-class source of drinking water and save yourself the trouble of lugging crates of drinks.

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Limescale protection

Pure lime protection: Because water is valuable by nature.

Pure lime protection: Because water is valuable by nature.

corrosion protection

Corrosion protection clarifies many things. Also rust water.

From unappetizing brown tap water to pitting to pipe burst with water damage: Corrosion can be very treacherous – and really expensive. Prevent it: With corrosion protection from perma-trade Wassertechnik.

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heating water treatment

Save energy and permanently protect your heating system.

Look forward to cold days and relax: With a heating water treatment you ensure permanent protection, smooth functioning and maximum energy efficiency in your heating system.

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