water treatment with future

Sustainably impressive: Water knowledge with added value.
Water is one of the most fascinating elements on earth and one of the most important resources of all. We appreciate that.

Drinking water treatment brand perma-trade Wassertechnik

A company in its element.

Water is changeable and extremely versatile. We at perma-trade have also internalized this trait. We like to make waves, are open to other points of view and go our own "waterways" again and again. Especially when it comes to topics such as sustainability, responsibility and competence.

Pioneers of chemical-free water treatment

Full hydro ahead! Again and again.

The fact that perma-trade Wassertechnik has its very own view of many things is a recurrent theme throughout the company’s history. It is not for nothing that we are still regarded as pioneers in the field of environmentally friendly water treatment. With numerous patents of our own, a highly productive research department and a special sense of responsibility for our No. 1 food, we have developed a versatile complete range over the years. Whether lime and corrosion protection, drinking water optimisation through filter and vitalisation systems or heating water treatment for maximum energy efficiency: perma-trade water technology offers a refreshingly simple and resource-saving solution for almost every requirement. Managing Director Michael Sautter attaches particular importance to the fact that the products manufactured in Germany are sold exclusively via sanitary specialist companies. In addition to their quality, they also offer attractive guarantees.

Cooperation with the Atrio Workshop for the Disabled

Why perma-trade products connect in a special way.

Quite simply: Because they were created out of sustainable and social responsibility. We do not only attach great importance to the quality judgement “Made in Germany” and let produce exclusively in Germany. Since 2002, we have also maintained a close form of cooperation with the “Atrio Workshop for the Disabled”, which can be regarded as exemplary in this dimension. At Atrio, we now manufacture a good 85% of our products and have firmly anchored our social responsibility in our corporate values. For this, perma-trade not only received the SME Award for Social Responsibility. Founder and Managing Director Michael Sautter was also awarded the Baden-Württemberg Business Medal for his social commitment.

Sustainability. Responsibility. Competence.

What matters to us is: Lasting values.

As confessing “dissenters” we are open for many things and like to go unusual ways. However, there are also things that are absolutely non-negotiable for us: These clearly include our company values. Sustainability, responsibility and competence are the triad that determines our daily actions and thinking.

When developing our products, we make sure that the drinking water quality and energy efficiency of hot water heating systems are maintained. And this with excellent success, as the “Best of SHK Award 2015” for permaLine in the “Sustainability” category proves.

We source most of our components from Germany, preferably from the region. The majority of our products are manufactured in the “Atrio Leonberg” workshop for the disabled. There is a reason why Michael Sautter was awarded the Baden-Württemberg business medal for his social responsibility.

We are the pioneers of chemical-free water treatment and have proven our competence time and again. Our products meet the applicable guidelines and convince not only through functionality, but also through an innovative design.

Developed from Swabian pioneering spirit and bubbling enthusiasm

The milestones of our company history.

In the beginning there was a big portion of zest for action, thirst for knowledge and bubbling enthusiasm for one of the most fascinating elements on earth. With this successful mixture, the company founders Hans and Michael Sautter launched perma-trade Wassertechnik in 1982. What has happened since then, we have summarized here in a small selection of the most important milestones for you.

1982 Foundation as a sole proprietorship in Stuttgart-Feuerbach by Hans and Michael Sautter
1989 Introduction of Europe-wide patented systems
1992 Move into the new perma-trade company building in Leonberg-Höfingen
1993 Foundation of perma-trade Wassertechnik AG Switzerland
1998 Foundation of perma-trade France S.a.r.L.
2002 Introduction of the DVGW-certified limescale protection system permasolvent® primus
2005 Introduction of the patented heating water treatment permasoft
2006 Move into the new F & E and training centre in Leonberg-Höfingen
2013 CEO Michael Sautter receives the Business Medal of the State of Baden-Württemberg
2015 Best of SHK Award for sustainability in system water treatment permaLine
2016 Foundation of perma-trade BeNeLux bvba and perma-trade italia s.r.l.