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corrosion protection

permasolvent active Corrosion protection systems

Environmentally friendly corrosion protection. For value retention and inventory protection.

Corrosion can do many things. First and foremost: cost-intensive pipe damage can become the personal horror of every homeowner. Prevent this with a maintenance-free corrosion protection system: permasolvent active. It offers you permanent protection against corrosive pipelines made of copper or galvanised steel – completely without chemical additives or consequential costs. At the same time, the system’s mode of operation activates oxygen in your drinking water.

  • Wartungsfreier Korrosionsschutz ohne Folgekosten
  • Natürlich und chemiefrei: Mineralien bleiben im Wasser enthalten und das Trinkwasser bleibt frei von Zusatzstoffen
  • Für Bestandssicherung und Werterhalt der Trinkwasserinstallation
  • Verfeinerter Trinkwassergenuss durch Sauerstoffaktivierung
  • Erhältlich in DN 25 bis DN 150

Maintenance- and chemical-free corrosion protection

Maintenance- and chemical-free corrosion protection

Maintaining the value of your property and safeguarding its existence.

Maintaining the value of your property and safeguarding its existence.

permasolvent aktiv Korrosionsschutz

Die wartungsfreien Geräte sorgen für für Bestandssicherung und Werterhalt Ihrer Trinkwasserinstallation

Protection against pipe breakage and tap water damage.

All-round protective layer in sight!

A highly effective measure against corrosion is the formation of a natural protective layer in the pipes. The resulting corrosion products themselves can be used for this purpose if they are deposited as homogeneously as possible on the pipe walls and thus protect against further material removal. At the same time, such a protective layer prevents pitting caused by the induction of foreign bodies.

Reduction of brown water from the tap.

Also effective for existing problems.

But the completely maintenance-free devices do not only protect against corrosion phenomena preventively: In combination with coarse jet regulators that increase the volume flow and a corrosion protection filter, permasolvent can even actively reduce existing rust water. Existing corrosion products are degraded again at a favourable volume flow.

Avoid water damage and pipe breakage.

Lots of vortices for optimum corrosion protection.

perma-trade’s patented permanent magnetic operating principle with water turbulence effects: The water flows through an alternating magnetic field generated by ring-shaped permanent magnets with alternating polarity. In addition, there is a swirl device in the inlet of the device to increase the flow velocity in the device.

Technical Information

Detailed Information


PT-S 25 E

PT-S 32 E

PT-S 40 E

PT-S 40 EF*

PT-S 50 EF*

PT-S 65 EF*

PT-S 100 EF**

PT-S 150 EF**

Connection thread d1 DN
1 AG
1¼ AG
1½ AG

Flansch IG
Flansch IG
2 ½
Flansch IG
min. Flow rate in l/min 1 3 4 8 12 15 36 50
Flow rate in l/min (∆p=0,5 bar) 60 100 130 280 360 580 2500 5800
Flow rate in m3/h (∆p=0,5 bar) 3,6 6,0 7,8 17 24 35 150 350
max. operating pressure in bar 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16
max. water temperature in °C 60 60 60 60 60 60 90 90
Dimension b1 in mm 285 335 393 377 453 495 716 840
Dimension b2 in mm 381 451 509 435 515 565
Dimension D in mm 50 76 76 150 165 185 220 310
Weight in kg 2,5 6,9 7,9 28 38 46 80 140