NEW: Lime protection
Hard water does not only contain lime but can also create a lot of trouble! Already a 3mm layer of lime covering the surface of the heat exchangers decreases the heat transfer up to 20%. Not to mention malfunctions and the closing of pipes. permasolvent ® primus 2.0 naturally changes the crystallisation behaviour of the water. This way, you can permanently protect your drinking water installations from being damaged by lime and therefore ensure an optimum energy efficiency.
permasolvent ® primus 2.0
Lime protection
permasolvent primus permasolvent primus
System Aktiv Plus
Lime & corrosion protection
System Aktiv Plus System Aktiv Plus

NEW: permasolvent ® primus 2.0

Benefit from an ecofriendly solution against lime that leaves all essential minerals in the water and ensures optimum energy efficiency. In addition we guarantee you a reduced power consumption. With the support of quadrupole technology, permasolvent ® primus 2.0 changes the crystallisation behaviour of the particles that are responsible for the hardness of the drinking water. As a result, lime is washed out and cannot form damaging deposits on the inner walls of pipes, heat exchangers or boilers. Already a 3 mm layer of lime covering heating elements causes a significant 20% dissipation of energy transmission. If you are using thermal solar collectors for heating we also recommend the installation of a permasolvent ® primus 2.0 in areas which have a medium hardness of water.
Effect on the energy transmission of heat exchangers
caused by limescale:
Already a 3 mm lime deposit on a heating element can cause a 20 % loss of heat transmission, or even more.
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