Heating water treatment
Magnetite mud exists, if an inadequate quality of heating water comes upon ferrous materials. Malfunctions in the heating circuit are the unwanted consequences but with permsolvent magno you don’t need to worry anymore: Thanks to permanent magnetic alternating fields, the system attracts magnetite mud from the water. The result: Heating water can flow through pipes clearly.
permasolvent® magno
permasolvent magno permasolvent magno

Technical specifications

permasolvent ® magno magno for closed heating circuits

The product series permasolvent ® magno, which is specially dimensioned for heating circuits, works with the help the apposition of patented magnetic fields. This method functions through the magnetisation of magnetite particles in the water. Through this process, the negative consequences that magnetite mud can cause are decreased successfully. Ferromagnetic components are covered with a paper-thin, black magnetite layer. The water, which should serve as a heat transfer medium becomes virtually clear and can flow unhindered through heating pipes and thermostats.

permasolvent ® magno permanent magnetic fluid- treatment system for the reduction of magnetite mud in heating circuits

Water temperature: max. 90 °C
Preliminary pressure: max. 16 bar

Type: PT-S 25
magno solar
PT-S 40
Connection thread d1 DN 25 40
Connection thread d1 inches 1" external 1 ½" external
Minimum percolation L/min 10 20
Percolation in L/min (Δp = 0,1 bar) 35 100
Percolation in m3/h (Δp = 0,1 bar) 2,1 6,0
Dimension b1 in mm 178 251
Dimension b2 in mm 274 367
Dimension d2 in inches 1 ¼ 2
Dimension D in mm 50 76
Weight in kg 1,5 5,1
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