Heating water filling
Operating a heating system is not always a bed of roses. If the water which is used to fill up the heating installations doesn’t conform to the norms and guidelines, warranty claims and guarantee are endangered. A good reason to grow warm for permasoft! The demineralising unit treats filling water in such a way that it conforms to the ideal standards of the norm. Thanks to patented triple action, it prevents damages caused by lime and corrosion with the help of a patented triple action. This ensures an energy-efficient heat transmission.
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Heating water-filling station
Filling station Filling station

Technical specifications

permasoft 4000 FI

Patented demineralisation unit for filling water conforming to the latest European guidelines and norms. Through a combination of selected ion exchanger resin the water is demineralized and at the same time alkalised on the pH-values between 8,2 and 10 (for permasoft Alu between 8,2 and 8,5), whereas the hardness is reduced to less than 0,5 ° d. Since corrosive ions such as chloride and sulphate are removed there will be a lasting protection against corrosion without the help of chemical inhibitors such as molybdite. In contrast to conventional water softening methods, permasoft decreases the conductivity of the water.

Type: PT-PS 4000 FI*
External thread d1 DN 32
Connection thread d1 inches 1 1/4
max. percolation in L/Min. 8
max. operating temperature in °C 50
Preliminary pressure Pmax in bar 6
Dimension b1 in mm 553
Dimension D in mm 125
Capacity in °dH x Liter 4000
Weight in kg 4,3

A version without ph- stabiliser for a stationary installation in connection with PT-AB 20 or PT-IB 20.

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