Heating water filling
Operating a heating system is not always a bed of roses. If the water which is used to fill up the heating installations doesn’t conform to the norms and guidelines, warranty claims and guarantee are endangered. A good reason to grow warm for permasoft! The demineralising unit treats filling water in such a way that it conforms to the ideal standards of the norm. Thanks to patented triple action, it prevents damages caused by lime and corrosion with the help of a patented triple action. This ensures an energy-efficient heat transmission.
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permamat permamat
Heating water-filling station
Filling station Filling station


permamat is a mobile and intelligent filling apparatus that stands for safe and convenient heating water filling. It is combined with the patented permasoft demineralization unit. An automatically triggered stop of the water flow and an acoustic signal whenever the filling process is finished.

Take it easy with permamat

permamat permamat can determine the conductivity of the respective type of water by itself. It also shows the maximum quantity of water in litres which can be treated by permasoft.

If the capacity limit of the permasoft demineralization unit is reached, the water flow is interrupted automatically. A status signal on the display, as well as an acoustic signal indicate if permasoft has to be exchanged.

With the help of a pressure switch, permamat can recognise if a heating installation is completely filled and then automatically stops the water flow.

permamat indicates the remaining capacity of the permasoft demineralization unit.

permamat can be obtained in a handy installation box with all necessary equipment which makes heating water filling as convenient as possible.

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