Heating water filling
Operating a heating system is not always a bed of roses. If the water which is used to fill up the heating installations doesn’t conform to the norms and guidelines, warranty claims and guarantee are endangered. A good reason to grow warm for permasoft! The demineralising unit treats filling water in such a way that it conforms to the ideal standards of the norm. Thanks to patented triple action, it prevents damages caused by lime and corrosion with the help of a patented triple action. This ensures an energy-efficient heat transmission.
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Heating water-filling station
Filling station Filling station

Heating water-filling station

With the automatic filling stations a high filling water quality is guaranteed and the requirements for a well-functioning heating system are ensured. The set system pressure is kept constant through the installed pressure reducer. If there is a pressure decrease, an automatic supply of demineralised water takes place. The demineralization-unit permasoft 4000 FI is specially conceptualized to be used in combination with perma-trade heating water-filling stations. During the demineralization process of the filling water, a slight alkalisation takes place. For the first filling, or if we want to refill with a larger amount of water, a permasoft 18000 or 18000 ALU can be connected to the filling station by using a special connector with flexible stainless-steel tube. Optionally, the system is also available in combination with a permamat FI which is an intelligent filling-station and works automatically.
Heating water-filling station
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