Fine filtration and vitalization
All good things come in twos: But not only hygiene and purity are responsible for an optimum quality of drinking water. The quality can be influenced negatively by technical processing or long ways of transport. Vital Premium offers you a combination that increases the vitality of your water: permaster ® sanus works with compressed active carbon and helps to filter out unwanted contaminants from the water. The permagold-vitalization apparatus restores the original vitality of the water with its valuable gold coating.
permaster ® sanus
sanus sanus
Vital Premium
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Technical specifications

permaster ® sanus

Compressed active carbon has a very high absorption capacity. This lets permaster ® sanus absorb and filter out a large amount of harmful pollutants which could be contained in the water. Therefore, residues of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, chlorine or drug residues are filtered out without affecting vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are essential for our health. permaster ® sanus is available in a space-saving version which can be easily installed under the kitchen-sink
Active carbon–cartridge Active carbon–cartridge
Retention capacity of permaster ® sanus
in relation to contaminates in the water:
Parameter Retention in %

Heavy metals (As, Pb, Cd, Cr, Fe, ...) 61,5 - 99,9
Free chlorine >98
Tri halogene methane (e.g. chloroform) >97
Persticides (e.g. atrazine) >92
Drug residues >96

(Source: Institut Dr. Lörcher, Ludwigsburg, Germany)
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