Drinking water fine filters
A clean affair! The DIN 1988-200 recommends to integrate a filter directly after the water meter of your drinking water system. This protects pipes from dirt being washed in from the public water supply and also its consequential damages. The patented high-quality filter solutions from perma-trade guarantee you utmost safety and hygiene. These are available from basic versions to automatically functioning versions. Get now more information!
removable filter
minimaster removable filter minimaster removable filter
pressure reducing filter
medimaster medimaster
permaster ®
backwashing filter
permaster permaster
permaster ®
Pressure reducing filter
permaster permaster
permaster ®
permaster automatic permaster automatic

Technical specifications

minimaster - removable filter DN 25 - 32

An installation into vertical and horizontal pipes is possible. Due to hygienic reasons the filter cartridge (Type FW-K 100) has to be changed every 6 months.

Type: PT-FW 25 PT-FW 32
Connection thread d1 DN 25 32
Connection thread d1 inches 1 1 ¼
Percolation in m³/h (Δp = 0,2 bar) 2,5 2,5
Mesh size in µm 100 100
max. operating pressure in bar 16 16
max. operating temperature in °C 30 30
Dimension b1 in mm 110 110
Dimension b2 in mm 206 226
Dimension h1 in mm 191 195
Dimension h2 in mm 217 223
Dimension t in mm 44 44
Weight in kg 1,7 1,9

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