Corrosion protection
Corrosion can do much. First of all it causes expensive pipe damage which can become a personal nightmare for every house owner. Protect your pipes with the maintenance-free corrosion-protection system permasolvent aktiv. It offers you a permanent solution against corroded pipes and works without the use of chemicals. At the same time the system causes an activation of oxygen in your drinking water.
permasolvent Aktiv
Corrosion protection package
permasolvent Aktiv permasolvent Aktiv
System Aktiv Plus
Lime & corrosion protection
System Aktiv Plus System Aktiv Plus

permasolvent ® aktiv

The apparatus series permasolvent ® aktiv shows its ability when it comes to effective corrosion protection. Through the combination of vortex motion and the principle of permanent magnetic action it supports the building of a homogenous anti-corrosion coat on the inner walls of copper and galvanized steel pipes. This not only prevents your piping from being corroded but also from rust residues by using a special rust filter. In addition oxygen activation vitalizes your drinking water. permasolvent ® aktiv is available in connection sizes DN 20 to DN 150. For buildings that have a central hot water supply and circulation pipes we additionally offer you a corrosion protection package which is optimised to meet all necessary requirements. Due to a special mode of action the permasolvent ® aktiv functions without electricity and completely maintenance-free. Enjoy the good feeling to trust a solution without chemicals!
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