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Sports hotel Achental Full lime protection for the sports hotel Achental
Collini-Center Collini-Center,
Corrosion and lime protection in residential complex
Swiss Re München Swiss Re München
No risk at lime protection

Good references signify more than a thousand words

perma-trade systems - applied and proven to be effective

Of course we could tell you more about the effectiveness of our systems. But actions speak louder than words. Convince yourself! Just click on our documentaries of selected perma-trade projects.

Selected documentaries about perma-trade projects, also announced in the specialized press (in German language):



Within the last 30 years we can count more than 150.000 successful major projects with the application of perma-trade systems. This proves the high quality of our products:

  • HUK-Coburg insurance
  • Spital Centre Hospitalier Rouffach, France
  • Housing complex Mombert-square, Heidelberg
  • Student hostel university of Münster
  • State hospital Vaduz
  • Olympics-centre Kiel
  • Educational institution Lengfurt, trade association for wood and metal
  • Expo-housing complex Flintenbreite
  • Paulinen-hospital Berlin
  • Bundeswehr (German armed forces) military base in Husum
  • Thomae Ltd.Biberach
  • Mozart-park Kempten
  • Lipperland-hall Lemgo
  • Federal Office for Waterways, Shipping und Hydrograpy, Hamburg
  • SWR Karlsruhe
  • Degussa AG Wesseling
  • DaimlerChrysler corporation Ulm
  • Student hostel university of Stuttgart
Headquarter Besides our headquarter in Leonberg we have subsidiaries in Switzerland and France. Staff Our motivated and qualified staff is always ready to help you or answer questions. Founder Perma-trade founder Michael Sautter stands for ecofriendly products, high quality standards and the seal "made in Germany".
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